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And best wishes for your upcoming wedding!  Your wedding day will mark the beginning of a brand new chapter of your life.  It is a day that you will carry in your hearts forever.  It would be an honor for us to   be a part of your joyous celebration. This special day, should be the wedding that you have always dreamed off.  You should be able to do whatever makes you and your partner happy. 

We have performed weddings for just the Bride and Groom, to as many as the Bridge and Groom and their hundreds of guest.   

Performing marriages ceremonies is one of the most rewarding and heartwarming occasions that I have the privilege of participating in.  This honor is still felt, even after over 20 years of performing wedding ceremonies, not only in Florida, but as well as Massachusetts as a Justice of the Peace.  Our marriages ceremonies are of non-denominational ministers and civil celebrants.   We also specialize in performing bilingual (Spanish-English) weddings.

We perform all types of ceremonies in all types of settings:  from religious to civil - from a Country Club setting to barefoot on the beach.   Some of our past wedding ceremonies have been; on a boat, in a park, in a mall, by a lake, in homes, hotel, banquet hall, school, airport, train station, chapel, college campus, roses garden, at restaurant, etc.  In essence, what we are trying to say is: “IT’S YOUR WEDDING…YOUR WAY!”  Whichever way you want to get married within parameter of the law, we will accommodate your wishes!

 Officiating Services   Our over 20 years of performing all types, wants and desired weddings, has made us very special.  And for that reason, we specialize in communicating each ceremony through a masterful weaving of both treasured and time-honored traditional ceremonies as well as contemporary weddings settings.  We welcome the challenge of finding the right words and the special touches to make your ceremony express the true meaning that is in your heart and that of your partner.

Bi-Lingual Wedding

Do you want to further impress your guests?  Then, have your wedding ceremony performed in both English and Spanish, if such is the venue (your guests are both Spanish and English speaking).  We have been successfully performing such bilingual weddings for over 20 years, and each one of the hundreds and hundreds of bilingual weddings performed, were all impressively and overwhelm received by the guest.

Planning & Coordination 

Whether you require a Wedding Planner throughout the entire planning process, or if you simply need a Wedding Coordinator to orchestrate the day of details, we are here to make your wedding day stress-free, unique and memorable for you and your guests. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your wedding plans.  We can work together to make this most memorable occasion, one that you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime.  You may write your own weddings vows or use our.  After all, the impact of your wedding vows is very emotional, not just for the two of you, but for your friends and family who will hear them on your special day!


Yes, we will travel the distance to accommodate you.  We are willing to travel anywhere within 250 miles from Tampa, Florida to perform your wedding ceremony.

Weddings Ceremonies Performed

v  Interfaith  
v  Remembrances
v  Vow Renewals
v  Spiritual
v  Bi-Lingual (Spanish-English)
v  Traditional & Contemporary
v  Civil
v  Non-denominational
v  Family Wedding Ceremony
v  Christian

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Renewing your wedding vows can be a very emotional and meaningful period of time in life for you, your partner, children, friends and family. It is a time when a married couple takes time to pause and reflect on the years behind them, and is looking forward together to their future. I have found that after many weddings renewals, couples have related to me that their renewal of vows ceremony was better than their wedding.

Your Renewal Vows Ceremony can be as simple or grand as you want it to be. Once again, this is Your Wedding…Your Way! You can easily walk down the aisle to classical music or your favorite song. You can also display your original wedding photo and maybe, buy new wedding bands for the occasion and have these specially engraved.

Usually, Vow Renewals are celebrated on a significant anniversary. We have conducted vow renewals for couples married as few as three years and as many as 31 years.   
Some couples choose to renew their vows after a particularly difficult time in their marriage life, overcoming a serious illness or a time apart from each other.  Moreover, many simple want to reaffirm the glanderous love that has matured and deepened with the passing of years together. 

Keep in mind that this type of ceremony is, more spiritual than official in nature.  But unlike a wedding, no legal paperwork is needed for you to renew your wedding bows, it nevertheless a Milestone in your life. This type of ceremony may be held in a chapel, banquet hall, on the beach, by a lake, in a garden, at a country club, or in the privacy of your home.

Below are some excellent ideas of how you can to make your Vow Renewal Ceremony special and unique:

You could recreate your original bouquet and/or wedding cake
You could include your children with a Unity Candle or Unity Sand Ceremony
Good idea would be to have your Best man and your Maid of honor there, as special guests
Have your children walk you down the aisle with you
Write your own vows renewal of commitment to each other


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